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Vilem Zach
Vilem Zach
Biography: Vilem Zach came to Canada from Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1969, where art was not an acceptable trade. After travelling across the country, he decided to settle in Calgary. There he continued his art studies. His favorite subjects are Indigenous peoples, and he mainly produced portraits. His love for his subject matter is demonstrated through his travels around Calgary, joining gatherings and pow-wows, and the Calgary Stampede. He has worked in pastels, but is now concentrating on his bronzes. In 1981, Zach won the Calgary Stampede Trophy Competition, 1981, the Best of Show for Bronze at the C.E.S. Art Exhibition, 1984 and 1985, and the Best of Show in two-dimensional work at C.M. Russell Show in Great Falls, Montana, 1987. In 1987, one of his paintings was given to the Duke and Duchess of York, as an Anniversary present, from Chrysler Company. In 1988, one of his pieces, "Share the Flame", was chosen to stand in the Ottawa sports Hall of Fame, Ontario.
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