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Rolf Ungstad
Date: 1929 - 1982
Rolf Erland Ungstad
Biography: Ceramic artist and painter Rolf Ungstad was born in Ponoka, Alberta in 1929. He studied at the Alberta College of Art and graduated with a Fine Art Diploma in ceramics in 1950. Rolf worked for the Arts and Craft Division in the Cultural Development Branch of the Government of Alberta (which later became the Alberta Foundation for the Arts) and for Ceramic Arts in Calgary. He also taught at the Alberta College of Art. Versatile in his creativity, Rolf excelled in many different styles, including Batik, copper enamelling, painting, sketching and pottery. Growing up on the prairie, closeness to nature was an integral part of Rolf’s life and his art. His paintings were spontaneous and tried to capture not only the visual aspects of a subject, but sounds and feelings as well. Rolf’s artwork has been exhibited in a variety of shows across Canada and around the world. Rolf passed away in 1982.
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