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Henry Nanooch
Date: 1936
Henry Nanooch
Biography: Henry Nanooch was a Cree artist from a family of thirteen children. He began drawing at the age of 12 and sold his first painting when he was 15. He moved to Edmonton in 1961 and studied at University of Alberta (Edmonton). In 1973, he was commissioned by the Government of Alberta to paint a leather scroll to Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of the first audience of Alberta’s Natives with their Queen. He worked as a freelance artist in Alberta and has sold more than one thousand pieces of his work in various mediums including ink or pen on paper, silk screens, oils, charcoal and deer hide paintings. He has works in the collections of Alberta Foundation for the Arts (Edmonton, AB) and his illustrations were featured in the book Medicine Boy and Other Cree Tales, 1979 (Brass). He returned to the community of Little Red River in 1993.
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