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Mark Arneson
Mark Arneson
Biography: Mark Arneson was born in Kamsack, Saskatchewan and attended the University of Regina for one year, majoring in political science and psychology, before he began travelling for extended periods of time to England, Europe, Greece and Israel. Having participated in workshops in Saskatoon and Canmore, Arneson became interested in photography during his travels. In 1978, he pursued formal training in photography at the Banff Centre when he participated in the Photography Studio Program and the Photography Diploma Program. He received further training through the Apeiron Workshops in Millerton, New York, when the Photography Studio Program was transferred there following a fire that destroyed the Banff Centre photography building. Arneson’s work is known for its ability to capture the light quality of colour, and his photographs are influenced by the environments in which he lives. While living in the city, Arneson documents still life encounters in interior environments; while living in a rural or wilderness setting, his interest shifts to the natural environment. In these cases, he attempts to challenge concepts of time, confronting urban ideas of movement and change or capturing the life cycles of nature. His work is held in several museum and gallery collections, including the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. Compiled 2014
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