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Mary Annis
Date: 1938
Mary K Annis
Biography: Born in Thessalon, Ontario, photographer and sculptor Mary Annis studied Fine Arts with a major in Ceramics at the University of Lethbridge. There she received her BFA (1980) in pursuit of a career in wheel-thrown and hand-built functional and display porcelain. Describing her aesthetic philosophy, Annis quotes Daniel Rhodes’s book Pottery Form to say that pottery-making is “the outcome of our urge to form and, in forming the clay, to find our own form.” In her own words, she says further that “the development of artistic style is a slow, gradually unfolding process [and] that, at any given point along this evolutionary continuum, a potter’s work should embody… skill, insight, respect for the materials and process and… sincere search for form.” Annis has participated in exhibitions, including at Edmonton’s Karonic Gallery, Lethbridge’s Your House, and had a solo show at the former Bowman Arts Centre in Lethbridge. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts houses her clay stoneware sculpture Sage Storage Jar and her photograph Wind Designs III. Annis lives and works in Lethbridge.
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